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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Grandmother's Flower Garden

This is a quilt that I started a while back and I only work on it now and then because it is made completely by hand. It is done in English Paper Piecing, and as I have said many times before, I love hand piecing. English Paper Piecing is addictive. Since I started printing the templates on freezer paper, it makes it much easier for me to carry the pieces in a plastic bag and work on them at anytime. If you would like these templates, just email me.


Sweet P said...

Hi Lynn! I found your blog when I was updating my Stashbuster ring list. I like your Grandmother's Flower Garden.

Lissa Jane said...

found your blog through stashbusters.. I love your grandma's flower garden quilt, I am working on one as well (for um, 4 years now).. its nearly top stage.. there is a pic on my blog if you want a sticky beak..
take care,


Solstitches said...

I am interested in doing the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.
I did a Google search and came up with your blog. I didn't know about the Yahoo group so have applied to join.
I would love to learn more and if I'm not too late please may I request the templates you offer.
Thank you

Danetta said...

I just found you by googling Grandmother's Flower Garden template. I would like to try this for an "all by hand" project. I would be very interested in your template if it is still available and look forward to watching the progress on yours.