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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Weekend

What a great weekend! I spent yesterday hangin' out with my Mom and drinking coffee and then most of our kids came last night for Anna's birthday party.

Here she is opening her presents:

Last night, Kate, Liz and I watched Eclipse again, gearing up for Breaking Dawn in November. Then, today, Brian, Anna and I played and watched Thomas. Now, I am making hotdogs and watching the Oscar Red Carpet.

I love weekends!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Wrap

This week was totally consumed by finishing Anna's doll. And here she is:

Now that she is finished, I am planning to get back on my other projects and see if I can get some things completed. I have been seriously thinking about starting a needlepoint project that I have had for a while. I haven't done needlepoint in a long time, cross stitch either, but my arthritic hands need a break from knitting I think, so I may do the needlepoint. I have this great beach scene that would be so cute in my downstairs powder room since I have a beach theme there, and I would love to do some needlework. It is my first love, of all the crafts that I do. Hand sewing though, is really what I love. I love piecing quilts by hand and any kind of hand sewing.

I also need to make several birthday cards, and I still have Valentine stuff all over my studio from the swap that we had at work. I need to clean and organize the studio again before I start another project. In addition, we are starting a Craft Club at work and I am really thrilled about that. I am also planning to start working in my gardens next week. I have a ton of cleaning to do before spring gets here and I am concerned that the forsythia is blooming. It is still February and with all this crazy weather we have been having, who knows, we might get another blizzard. I hope that all the blooming and daffodils coming up means that we are on the way to spring. But, first, I have to catch up on my real chores....Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am almost finished knitting the pieces for Anna's doll. I am determined to finish it before this weekend so I can give it to her at her birthday party. I have so enjoyed making this doll. I have always been fascinated by Amigurumi and dolls. I made dolls many years ago, and they turned out pretty good. I didn't knit or crochet them though, I sewed them. I kept the first one that I made and it is cute as a button. This is my first try at knitting a doll and I really think that she is going to turn out nice. My next project is a monkey that I saw in a book that I have on Amigurumi. He is so cool and I think Brian might like him. I am just hoping that Brian has not outgrown that kind of stuff. I hope not, but there is always Mason. I bet he would love a cool monkey!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Wrap/Benjamin's Birthday

This has been a great week! We had a Valentine swap at work and what fun! We all made our boxes, bags, etc., to collect our goodies. The variety of boxes was really different. Today, we all brought snacks to end our week. Benjamin has a birthday on Monday, he will be 15. I can't believe how fast they grow up!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Love you!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anna's Birthday/Chris and Stacy Anniversary

It is hard to believe that my baby girl is 2 years old today! Where has that time gone? She is so precious and I can't imagine my life without her!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Also, today is Chris and Stacy's 21st wedding anniversary. Wow, has it been that long!

Happy Anniversary, Sweet Kids!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Wrap

It was a good week, overall. I got lots of knitting done, and had a chance to spend a few hours with my little Anna last night. Her parents went to a concert, and she stayed with Poppy and me. Brian didn't get to come because he had school today, and they stayed the night. I miss him terribly.

I decided to do the 198 Yards of Heaven, hope I am not biting off more than I can chew. I remember the frustration I had when I was trying to knit Traveling Woman, and I don't want to go there again. A couple of my friends are doing it with me, so I feel a little better.Grandmother's Flower Garden

I have started working on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt again. I LOVE hand sewing and I wish that I could make every quilt by hand. Hand piecing is just the greatest thing ever! I tried machine quilting a small quilt that I made for Benjamin, but my machine quilting is not pretty like my hand quilting is. It takes alot longer, but the end result is worth it. Look at this Sunbonnet Sue that I made for my Mom. I did all the applique by hand and then machine pieced the blocks together and then hand quilted it. It turned out great! I hope to have the GFG done in a few months.Sunbonnet Sue

This is my Dresden Plate. It only needs binding and it will be completed too. I also hand quilted this one. Dresden Plate

I think that does it for this week's wrap! I am off to change into comfy clothes and cast on the shawl.......Have a wonderful weekend....

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have all the parts of the doll complete and stuffed and I am about to start the dress and knickers! She looks pretty dang good!

I am going to do the 198 Yards of Heaven with MTCup and agd509! They are about the same knitting level as me, or maybe a little better and we are going to do it together!

We will see how things progress.......

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

198 Yards of Heaven

This is the newest KAL in my Mystery 220 group. Of course, I already have about 6 projects on the needles, so I certainly do not need another. Problem is, I really want to do this. Then, I read the pattern, and this little voice said, "Lynn, don't even think about trying this. You know that you almost went crazy trying to do shawls before and you said NEVER again." I know that this voice is right and sensible, and I am listening now......But, one of the days, I will learn these patterns and when I do, look out.....I will be knitting shawls with a vengeance!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My First Doll

I have always wanted to knit a doll, but just felt I just wasn't experienced enough to give it a try. Well, no more. A friend of mine made this beautiful little doll and I loved it, so I decided to give it a try. This is a pic of my friend Katherine's doll:
and here is a link to her blog.
I have now finished the body, arms and one leg. I am so excited that it is going so well. I can't wait to finish it. I am planning to make my little Molly with blond hair and blue eyes....will keep you posted.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday Wrap!

I am doing the Friday Wrap on Saturday morning. It was a good week! I am doing OPAM this year and I am excited! It is fun to see the projects get completed and my list of accomplishments grow as the year goes by. I am planning to do some organizing in my studio today. I have several projects in the works and I need to stop and get stuff together.

I have been working on the Flat Stanley project for a while now and I am hoping to get him done and on his way soon.

I can't wait to see where he goes and what he learns as he is traveling.

I have been researching knitting stitches and I have found some beautiful ones. I have a goal of learning to do one new stitch each month. My stitch for this month is Chain of Hearts. It is a rib stitch and I think it is beautiful! I am going to make a scarf pattern and knit it up in March.

It is Super Bowl weekend and I am thrilled that the Packers are in. I so wanted this to be Atlanta's year and I was very disappointed when they lost to the Packers. Green Bay is my second favorite team AFTER the Falcons, so once the Falcons were out, I was rooting for the Pack. I am excited and happy! We had a Super Bowl party at work yesterday and one of my co-workers brought this fabulous Buffalo Chicken Dip. I am going to make it for the game tomorrow and I will post the recipe next week. It is just downright yummalicious. Being the football lover that I am, I am not happy that the season is over, but I will have plenty to do to keep me busy and I do love baseball, GO Braves! and NASCAR.

OK, I am off to the studio.....she runs off coffee in hand, curly bed head, fuzzy slippers flapping....dogs chasing behind