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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's A Girl!

I just found out today that the new grandbaby is a GIRL!!!!! Woo-hoo! I have been wanting a girl since 1972, and I am finally getting one! I can't even believe it, I am so giddy from the excitement. I have been daydreaming all day about all the things I will knit and quilt and there has to be a little girl soap, especially since I am working on a little boy soap right now. Beany is going to be a big brother! Michael and Benjamin are going to have a little girl cousin......life is good! Another little child is going to call me Mommo!

I think it is so ironic that the boy child that I was convinced was a girl in 1972, would have the first girl of my life....God works in mysterious ways.....I thank him...I love him....he is my Savior!


Lea said...

Congratulations :) Girls are just lovely.. And boys are too.. but much messier hehe.

lea xx

Chanda said...

A girl since 1972 huh? That is a long time. Congrats on the baby girl. Noe you can knit up a storm with all the pink yarn you ever dreamed of. Promise me there won't be a shortage on the stuff will there??? HA!