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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowed In!

We are really snowed in! But, I guess what we actually are now is sleeted in. We have had non-stop sleet and freezing rain since Monday and everything is white. I am up late, as usual, since I can never sleep, and it has just started to snow a little while ago. The flakes are light and feathery, really pretty and delicate. That is what I really love to watch and if they are big and fat, even better. I have cooked enough food for about 10 people on a week camping trip, even though it is only Randy, Mom and me. I made chili, taco filling, salsa, vegetable beef soup and corn muffins and this morning Randy made a meatloaf for me and put it in the freezer. We have plenty of snacks and milk and bread and of course, coffee. So I think we will be good for the duration. Ivey sent me a picture of Ansley eating snow cream and she is so adorable...take a look:
Isn't she beautiful? Well, I might be a little prejudice. Guess I better try and get some sleep. I was up last night until 4:30 am and only slept about 3 hours. I am seriously considering asking the DR to give me something. Will post more later about the snow! Until next time~~~


Indigo Blue said...

Lovely picture! Sorry to hear about your funding it difficult to sleep. It makes no sense some times, does it?
Take care

Indigo Blue said...

Gorgeous picture! Sorry to hear about your not being able to sleep. Sometimes things make no sense, hope it improves soon.
Take care.