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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Ramblings

IMG_0035, originally uploaded by GardenLynn.

I have decided to give up the shawl for now. I have too many projects going on to spend so much time on the shawl. And speaking of projects, I have started 2 new sock projects. I started this one on Monday. This is a new yarn that I bought at the Yarn Garden and it is so pretty! It is called Zauberball from Schoppel Wolle. I am making a simple sock to show the graduation of the colors. I think it is so interesting.

The second sock project I just started last night and it is called Mock Croc Socks. The pattern is from Knit Picks and it is a nice lace pattern. I will post a pic tomorrow. I am making it in a really pretty yarn that I got a few months back. The yarn is from Punta Yarns and it is called Merisock Hand Painted. Here is a thumbnail of the color:

This little thumbnail does not do it justice, but the color is almost spot on.

This is my last day off during the week and starting next week I will be back to working 5 days a week like a normal person. I am so looking forward to that, as well as this new job. It is almost like a dream come true for me. The title "Policy Clerk" is music to my ears……..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Shawl

Well, the shawl has now become a MAJOR ordeal. After going to the shop and getting Marcia to run a life line, I tinked it back to the beginning of the lace pattern and started over. I have followed the chart specifically and I can only hope that it is right. The question I keep asking myself is "Why are you doing this"? I still don't have an answer. I am a sock knitter and a good one. I started all the shawl nonsense when I saw other shawls that had been done and wanted to do one myself. You see, my problem is that I want it all and I want it now. So, I am plugging along and we will see what the end result is.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Chatter

I am proud to announce that my best friends, Butch and Marie, became grandparents for the first time last night. Mason Parker Deal was born at 11:21pm. Congrats to my best buddies!

I finished both Anna and Brian's socks and I am taking them up when I go to graduation tomorrow night. Here is a pic of both:

I think that both turned out great! I am not really good at posting pictures on my blog, but I am trying to improve.
I was offered a new job yesterday and I accepted it. I am happy and excited. No more weekends and no more commute across Atlanta......woo-hoo! I am starting on June 1.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation and Other Stuff

Beany is graduating from preschool on Friday night. He is getting so big! He will start kindergarten this fall. Time does fly! I see another busy weekend coming up! I am almost finished with Anna's socks and hope to get the ones done that I am making for a friend of mine.

The shawl is on hold since I can't figure out where I am in the pattern. I am going to the shop tomorrow and see if Marcia can help me. Darlene may be able to meet me there, but if not, I know that Marcia can figure it out. I am trying to have patience and learn the lace as I did socks, but I am getting so easily frustrated with it. And, on my best days, I have zero patience, so I don't really think that is going to work out. I think that until I learn how to know where I am in the pattern by looking at the work, I will never get the concept of lace. I have been thinking that I need to make a practice swatch and knit it over and over until I get it. Who knows??

Monday, May 17, 2010

Catching Up

I have been so busy the past few days that I have not had time to blog. I am trying to finish 2 pair of socks, work these crazy hours and recover from shingles. I am almost over the shingles thank goodness!

Beany had his birthday party at school this past Friday and it was a great success! The kids loved all the snacks that his Mom made and brought for the party and he seemed to really enjoy the party too!

His Mom took these pictures, and the one that I think is so cute is this one:

He looks as if he might kiss Miss Allie any second, or she might kiss him! All in all his birthday was a big success!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beany's 5th Birthday

Today is the Beanman's 5th birthday! I can't believe that little rascal is 5 years old! I can't imagine what my life was like before he was born. Every single day of the last 5 years has seen me with a smile on my face and so happy to be his Mommo. He has brought out the best in me and has made me see that the world is a wonderful place. His charm, his laughter, his beautiful smile has made my life the happiest that it has ever been and every night I thank my Lord and Saviour for giving me this priceless, precious gift. I could just sit and talk to him, play with him and cuddle him 24/7, but we all know that is not realistic. I am forever in love with Brian.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ramblings on a Tuesday Morning

I am working on a lace shawl called Traveling Woman. It will be my first lace shawl and I am so excited. My friend, Darlene, is helping me with it. She is a lace shawl expert and I am thrilled that she agreed to help me. I want to be a really good knitter and I am improving every day. I am planning to start on my ATC's this week, even though I don't have enough people to participate. I want to get mine in the mail.

I have been looking at right and left brain information and I can't decide which I am, though I am leaning toward left brain. The characteristics seem to match me in more areas than right brain, although I have some right brain characteristics as well. It is interesting to study. Will post more when I know more.

My garden is just beautiful! All the new perennials are thriving and the veggies are blooming and starting to produce. I hope that I will get veggies all summer....ah the taste of home grown tomatoes...my most favorite food. I know that they will be on the menu everyday in heaven.