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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation and Other Stuff

Beany is graduating from preschool on Friday night. He is getting so big! He will start kindergarten this fall. Time does fly! I see another busy weekend coming up! I am almost finished with Anna's socks and hope to get the ones done that I am making for a friend of mine.

The shawl is on hold since I can't figure out where I am in the pattern. I am going to the shop tomorrow and see if Marcia can help me. Darlene may be able to meet me there, but if not, I know that Marcia can figure it out. I am trying to have patience and learn the lace as I did socks, but I am getting so easily frustrated with it. And, on my best days, I have zero patience, so I don't really think that is going to work out. I think that until I learn how to know where I am in the pattern by looking at the work, I will never get the concept of lace. I have been thinking that I need to make a practice swatch and knit it over and over until I get it. Who knows??

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Robyn said...

Dear Lynn, would you email me please regarding the hexie blog..
Thanks so much.
I am unable to email you as you're set to no-reply.

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