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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Isn't He Scary????

This is Poppy, looking like a deranged maniac, or a clown.
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Christmas 2007

This is Beany...aka....Brian opening presents.
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3 Musketeers

Here we are taking pictures of our selves in the car.
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Christmas 2007

This is my Mom and Me. Aren't we the cutest?
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Christmas 2007


This is all of us having dinner at the Smith House in Dahlonega, GA. YUMMY!
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Christmas 2007


This one is the girls, myself and Granny. They are all so cute. The twins on the right are Parker's fiance, Tiffany and her sister, Stephanie.
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Christmas 2007


This was a great Christmas, except for Chris, Stacy and the boys not being here. This is a pic of 4 of our boys, Randy, me, and Brian. The tall boy on the end, is one of our dearest friends. We took these after we came back from dinner at the Smith House in Dahlonega.
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The Weekend

The snow came, and was so beautiful falling. The temps this morning are in the teens, and so we still have snow on the ground, though it melted a lot yesterday. I spent the whole day working on UFO's, but did not make as much progress as I thought I would. I plan to work more today, and hopefully, get at least one quilt finished. I made a Dresden plate quilt(pictured here) from Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting, and I truly think it is the best quilt that I have ever made. I am in the process of hand quilting it, and then I need to bind it, so I hope to finish that today. It was so much fun to make. I ordered the templates from Fons and Porter and used all 30's fabrics, which are my favorites. So, I hope to have it hanging on my wall later today.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Quilting Time

We had snow this week, and in Atlanta, that is rare. It was beautiful falling and everything was crisp and white. It didn't last long though and was gone the next day. Good news is that we are supposed to get snow tonight and all day tomorrow, which is Saturday. This is a rare treat in the South, and I am happy! I plan to spend the whole day working on quilts. I need to catch up on Bonnie's Mystery Quilt, and I have several UFO's that I need to finish. And, I always have Grandmother's Flower Garden. So, I am looking forward to the weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I have several of these little buggers. I just don't have the set up for quilting, so once I make the top, I just put them away and go on to something else. Or, I stop in the middle of a quilt, and start another quilt. I am so bad. If I look at a magazine or a website and a quilt jumps out at me, I immediately want to make it. Well, I am trying to stop doing that. I am trying really hard to finish all my UFO'S and not start another until they are all done. So, since I have declared 2008 my year, this is one of my goals. I have many goals, and I have been accomplishing some things. Yeah Lynn!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fickle Fate

Well, after all my hard work to clear out the breakfast nook in my kitchen and set up my sewing, Jason told his father and me that he is moving out in about 2 weeks. When he moved in, I had to give up my sewing room so that he could have a bedroom, and now it is going to be available again. Fate hates me......

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Handpiecers/My Sewing Room-Studio

I have started a group on Yahoo called Handpiecers. We are all interested in the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, and of course, anything that involves quilts. We welcome anyone who would like to join us. Just click the link at the top of my blog.

I have my studio almost finished! I am one happy camper! I will post some photos as soon as it all done!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Catching Up

WOW, there is just too much to do! I can't keep up with all the things that I need to do. So, I am doing a catch up post. Christmas was fabulous, except the California gang was not here . We went to Smith House and all went better than I even hoped! Ernie the Lucky Dog is getting so big! He is leaving us this weekend for a hopefully permanent home. He is the sweetest dog! I just hope that his new family loves him as much as we do. Randy is so busy, and he is never home, and I am still praying and hoping for my dream job! Went to the DR today and she says that I am healthier than I thought, so I am going on a diet and exercise program starting Saturday. I am going to get back into my skinny jeans!

Cory is volunteering for the Barack Obama campaign and I am thinking of doing the same for the John Edwards campaign. We don't agree on politics, but we do agree that we love them. I like history and government more than politics, but they are exciting if you follow them.

Our new church opens on Friday night. The Grand Opening is not until January 20, but I am so excited. The sanctuary is so awesome!

I guess that is about all of the catch up!

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Things are progressing nicely on the GFG. I have even started a Yahoo Group, and have several members. I will add some photos with my next post.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I have been complaining all the time about the fact that I never have time to work on my quilts. I am making a place in my kitchen to work, but don't have it finished yet. I am always thinking that I could do alot of piecing by hand if I could get organized. Well, the other night I was reading the digest from the Mystery Quilt group that I am in, and one of my fellow Georgian's Judy, said that she had done a 1000 Triangle quilt on her lunch hour. That made me start thinking, and I realized that I didn't need a new quilt to hand piece, I already had one! Grandmother's Flower Garden! Wake up Blondie! So, I started putting it all together and now I am carrying work around in my purse so that I can sew whenever I want! Thank you Judy, you are an inspiration!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hurray for 2008!

Happy New Year Everyone! I am looking forward to a fresh new start for the New Year. I am cleaning, organizing, and getting a small space set up in my kitchen where I can work on my quilts without having to put anything away. It is taking some creative ideas to make this work, but I think I can do it. I am so excited about this coming year, it is going to be my year! Happy Quilting all!