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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

I submitted my tangle to Linda Farmer and I am waiting to hear if it is a new tangle and if it will be accepted. I am so excited! I have finished a couple of projects that I wanted to post. I really wish that I could post everyday, but I just have so much on my plate. I will one of these days, though. Here are some pics of my latest projects:
The first tangle is one that I saw on Pinterest. I loved it so much I drew it and tangled it the way I liked it. The second one is 2 complete pages of my moleskin journal. I wanted to do something to honor Randy, he is such a wonderful husband.
This one is just a heart that I drew. I really love hearts and I draw them in my tangles a lot. I have really been trying to learn new tangles, but I am taking Joanne Sharpe's "Letter Love 101" lettering class and I am just obsessed with letters. I dabbled in calligraphy for a number of years back in the day, and I am thinking I might give it another try. And finally, the Diva did not give us a challenge this week, but she will be back on Monday, I am sure and I can't wait. Love you all!


efherrin said...

Your drawings are great!! I really life the flowers.You and I need together and draw soon! I need some tips!! :)


Rebecca said...

lovelove lvoe all of those - not sure which i love best :D

Fifi said...

so much fun! lovely flower ;)