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Monday, August 6, 2012

Art Journal Fun

Things are looking up! Finally got my Mom's apartment empty, clean and keys turned in. What a relief! One woman should not be allowed to have that much stuff in a one bedroom apartment! It is all in storage now, except what she needs here. That was a big job and let me tell you that my husband is a saint! He worked relentlessly getting that stuff packed, loaded and unloaded at storage. Mom is still in rehab, and I am not certain when she will be coming home, but all is done! I have been working on several projects and as usual, I can't keep up with all of them, art journals, Zentangle, knitting, and so forth. The thing is that I am always busy and I like that. I have about 10 or 12 sketchbooks now, some with projects in them and some still empty. My favorite is the Moleskin. There is just nothing like it, anywhere. The pages are so smooth and yummy! I have also been trying a composition book art journal and boy have I made some messes! I have been gluing stuff to the pages and then doing art journaling on top. The only one that I haven't liked is the one I put aluminum foil on. I could never get it a color that I liked and then the art pieces I used didn't suit me, but all the other pages have been fun and I really like them. It is amazing what you can glue into a book! Practically anything! I have used lots of stuff that would normally go in the trash.....recycling if you will. Each time I have something to throw away, I stop and look at it and say "Could I use that in my art journal?" Alot of times the answer is YES! If you have not done art journaling, I strongly recommend it. It is "Play" for grown ups. They are your journals, so you can put anything in them that you want to....Fun! Til next time!

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Rebecca said...

glad you & dh got that big chore off your plate! hope your mom is well. would love to see more pics of your art journaling!