Herrin Family Rocks

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The bath is finished and it is just awesome! Here is a before picture of the garden tub:

The old shower:

The old potty:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Wrap

Today is the big day! We are moving our offices from Duluth to Alpharetta! It is total madness at my office! Looking forward to the new office. It is so much nicer and we have so much more room!

The bath will be finished today and I am so excited! Two weeks in the guest bath has been an adventure, to say the least. The entire house is covered in sheetrock dust, but it is all worth it! I guess Randy and I will be doing our spring cleaning now. Can't wait to post the pictures of a remarkable transformation.

Kids are coming tonight! It is going to be a great weekend. Kate, Liz and I are taking in Water for Elephants at the movies. We read the book and now we are going to see the movie. Poppy will be the official babysitter. Tomorrow we are having a family BBQ and just chillin' out. It will be nice to have everyone here.

Making great progress on my sweater and socks, but will take a break this weekend while the kids are here. While doing a project for a swap, I realized that I so need to get the studio organized and start using it more. That is on my agenda for the summer. Getting it super organized and useful!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Wrap

It has been a great week! Work is going well and we are 2 weeks away from moving to our new building. The crochet club is doing well and I am getting closer to finishing my Twilight socks...finally. The remodel on our master bath starts next week and I am so excited! I will post before and after pics.

My gardens are coming along fabulously! My peonies are blooming and all the cuttings that I planted are growing and looking spiffy! Even the angel trumpet trees have perked up and are nice and green.

Next week, Jenny is going to teach all of us to make jewelry. I can't wait. I have always wanted to make it, but never took a class. I am ready with all my beads and stuff!

Jason and Parker both got promoted at work in the last 2 weeks. Parker was made Creative Director and Jason was promoted to Produce Manager. I am so proud of them! Good job guys!

I am looking forward to a nice weekend with gardening, junkin' and Darlington!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friday Wrap (On Sunday Morning)

It was a good week, but soooo busy. I have so many projects going on and they are all so fun! I am still working on the test flowers with Sharon, knitting the Twilight socks, and I am about to start on ATC's. I am so excited to do these ATC's. I tried them a few years back and they were fun! This time we are doing it in my PlayShop group and we have a tutorial that we are using. I finished a couple of projects for the Lose the U, something I didn't do in March. We are also starting a button swap in the PlayShop and I have been looking through all my buttons picking out ones that I like.

Randy and I worked in the yard all day yesterday. Two of my Rav friends sent me irises and daylilies and I got those in the border, along with 2 foxgloves and 6 more Blackeyed Susans. My border is really taking shape. Here are some pics:

These are my Columbine's. They have the most beautiful flowers.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

These are old fashioned roses and they smell so good!

This is Spirea and Feverfew. The spirea is blooming and the feverfew will be soon.

This is a look at the border from the street. This pic does not do it justice.

I love gardening!