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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Wrap

Today is the big day! We are moving our offices from Duluth to Alpharetta! It is total madness at my office! Looking forward to the new office. It is so much nicer and we have so much more room!

The bath will be finished today and I am so excited! Two weeks in the guest bath has been an adventure, to say the least. The entire house is covered in sheetrock dust, but it is all worth it! I guess Randy and I will be doing our spring cleaning now. Can't wait to post the pictures of a remarkable transformation.

Kids are coming tonight! It is going to be a great weekend. Kate, Liz and I are taking in Water for Elephants at the movies. We read the book and now we are going to see the movie. Poppy will be the official babysitter. Tomorrow we are having a family BBQ and just chillin' out. It will be nice to have everyone here.

Making great progress on my sweater and socks, but will take a break this weekend while the kids are here. While doing a project for a swap, I realized that I so need to get the studio organized and start using it more. That is on my agenda for the summer. Getting it super organized and useful!

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