Herrin Family Rocks

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I can't believe that it has been over a month since I posted. Time just flies right on by, and you try to hang on and hope that you don't crash and burn. I just don't know how some people post as much as they do. Truth be known, they are better organized than me, and have their life together. I gave up on that years ago. I am lucky if I can just be productive each day and do something for the good of others. It seems to me that every morning is a brand new day full of the unknown, waiting to become today and all the sweet anticipation of what is to come. Then all of a sudden it is late afternoon and I wonder what happened to the day. I will admit that I spend more time than I should on Facebook. I love it though because it helps me keep up with the outside world, especially my children. They all lead such busy lives and I like the fact that I can be a small part of that through Facebook.

It seems that the more I try to simplfy my life, the more complicated it gets. Things don't always work out the way we want them to, and so we have to make adjustments. The adjustments lead to changing the plan and that leads to making new lists and priorities, and on and on. I try and keep a running TO DO list, but somehow I can't ever get it all done. Since I was laid off in May, I have been doing some contract work and working part time. The schedule is crazy and I am not always productive because of it. I used to think that if I could work part time or retire altogether, I could move mountains. Spotlessly clean house, manicured lawn and beautiful gardens. I would cook gourmet meals and make all these wonderful hobbies.

Was I dreaming? You betcha! Life doesn't let that happen. Life just takes over. I guess all that I can do is try and improve as each day comes......

til whenever~