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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Wrap

It was a great week! We are one week away from the VisionWalk and I am so excited! I think that we have about 50 confirmed walkers and I am so proud!

The crochet class went very well at work. Several of the girls are making great progress on their scarf and the work looks great. We will meet again on Tuesday to check everyone's progress.

I have been working on getting my studio/office a little better organized. I am planning to start doing some sewing and I need to clear out some space. I think my knitting break may be over for now. I have several projects that I need to get finished and I am way behind. I am planning to make a ton of Christmas gifts this year and if the rest of the year goes by as fast as this first quarter has, it will be here and I will still be talking about it. I guess I had better get a plan together!

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