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Monday, March 14, 2011

Branching Out

Since I have decided to take a break from knitting, I have been thinking about what projects I would like to do. I am definitely getting back to my quilting that I have missed so much in the past few months. I do want to branch out a little and possiby do some mixed media, but my first love is, and always has been, hand work. Embroidery, hand piecing, hand quilting, etc. I am planning to start a quilt that is a BOM on Little Miss Shabby's blog. It is called Birdie Stitches, and though I am getting a late start, I will only have January, February and March to do and I will be caught up.

I love this BOM. It is bright and cheerful and involves all the hand work that I can possibly do, especially if I hand piece the blocks. I will post my fabrics when I get them all together!

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