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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Slumber Dream Pillows

Well, I finished the dream pillows today and listed them on Etsy. I also made a knitting needle case for my needles. What a great thing! I had needles in zipper bags and baskets and all over the place. It was a really nice day. Check my Etsy shop if you are interested in either the dream pillows or my herbal soaps. I guarantee you will love them!

til tomorrow~

Dream Pillows Are Ready!

Sweet Slumber dream pillows are ready! If you don't already know about dream pillows, you need to try these! I know that it is hard to believe that something as simple as fresh herbs and flowers can quiet your nightmares and help you get a restful nights sleep. Dream pillows have been used for centuries to help with sleeping problems. One of the ingredients in our pillows is Hops, and it has been used to quiet fussy babies for years.

These dream pillows are made from all natural herbs and flowers. There are no preservatives, chemicals or oils in our blend. All pillowcases are made from 100% cotton. Tuck one of these in your pillow and drift off to dreamland.......

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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Plan

Well, I am having to change the plan yet again, but I think I will be able to do it much easier this time. I am beginning to get really good at this, and I am so happy! I went to Aldi this morning and this is what I got:
Total - $31.39. I also got a dozen eggs that are not in the picture. I am learning that Aldi far surpasses even Walmart. They don't have as good a selection as I would like, but they far make up for it with the bargains that I get. Today, I bought boneless chicken breasts and center cut pork chops. Both look really fresh and delicious. I have plenty of staples in the pantry and I think that I might be able to feed Randy and me this whole week, without going back to the store, except maybe for milk or bread.

And speaking of bread, I read an article about making a starter for sourdough bread from organic red cabbage. Anyone familiar with this? I am thinking of giving it a shot. I haven't made bread in many years, but I haven't forgotten how wonderful it is.

I am working on the new plan this week, as well as the August spending plan, and cleaning the house from the party on Saturday, which, by the way, was a great success. I have plenty to do this week, and I feel that next week, I will go to orientation and start working at Publix. This will be a truly new experience for me, but I am looking forward to it. I will be making about 1/3 of what I made before, but I have found, as Angela says, I don't need that much. It is a low stress job and I think it will be a fun one. It is funny how you can really live on less if you want to. I am hoping to retire in 2 more years, even though I won't be old enough, and can't get Social Security. I want to spend more time with my family and my grandchildren.

til tomorrow~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Randy's Birthday and Other Stuff

Today is Randy's 50th birthday. We are having a big party on Saturday with our kids and some close friends. I am very excited that all of our kids and grandkids are going to be here, except the California gang. We are working on having the Cali gang home for Christmas, so that will be exciting too. I didn't go to the farms yesterday because I didn't want to spend the 2 days before the party canning and freezing. I am planning to go one day next week. I took my Mom to Dahlonega for the day. It was fun, we walked around the square and looked in all the little shops, and I bought some walnut fudge and fudge covered oreos at the Fudge Factory. They are so sinful! We had lunch at the Smith House and it was so yummy!

I got a call yesterday from Publix, and I am pretty sure that they are going to hire me, so I have to go back and revise the plan AGAIN! I need the job though, especially since Randy is having to take unpaid furlough and I have not worked in several months. Don't want to do too much dipping into savings. My house is looking so beautiful. The clutter is almost gone, and the changes that we have made, though small, are really nice. I am still working on my deck and back yard. The biggest accomplishment for me as been getting my office/studio done. I did not realize that I had yarn, fabric, paint and all kinds of stuff all over the house. I found supplies I had completely forgotten. But now, everything is in one place and it is so great! I am working on soap and dream pillows, and I am hoping to get them on Etsy soon. I am also making knitting needle and crochet hooks holders. I hope I might be able to sell them at my LYS. I have some great ideas for some new ways to store knitting needles and supplies, so I might just invent something.

til tomorrow~

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Great Day

I have had a really great day! Tim, one of Randy's friends sent me a bag full of cucumbers from his garden. There was not enough to make pickles or anything, but more than I could eat. Randy doesn't like cucumbers. So I had been trying to figure out what to do. I was determined not to waste them. I decided to make a vegetable spread that I made all the time when my kids were little. I needed tomatoes and onions, but I needed those anyway so I went to Aldi, and got 4 tomatoes and a small bag of Vidalia onions. I had all the other ingredients, so I made the spread and had a sandwich for lunch. It was so delicious! I didn't realize how much I missed vegetable sandwiches!

I am hoping to go to Beechwood Farms on Wednesday to get tomatoes, corn, beans and peas. That means I will spend Thursday and Friday canning and freezing, but I am looking forward to that. Fresh green beans in the middle of winter are so worth it. I canned for many years and now I am doing it again. I started back 2 years ago just canning green beans and tomatoes, but this year I am branching out again and adding corn and peas.

I want to complain about something too. I don't understand why you can only buy 12 croissants, or 8 kaiser rolls, or 2 baguettes. Why do the stores not sell these in singles? I am frustrated because I love these fresh baked rolls and Randy doesn't, so if I get them, most of the time at least 1 or 2 are wasted. I don't buy croissants most of the time because I know that I can never eat that many before they start to mold.

And finally, Randy challenged me to use everything in my pantry and freezer to make our dinners, with the exception of meat. I do have some frozen chicken and a chuck roast that I am going to use. Other than that, he will get all the meat fresh from the meat market that we love so much. I accepted that challenge, and I am going to see how many meals I can make with just what I have. The only exception to that will be if I need spices, onions, garlic, that kind of stuff.
I might even start a talley of how much money it is, to see what I save. The reason that he did this was because when I inventoried that pantry and freezer, I had to throw out so much food that had expired. Some of it was 2 years past the expiration date. I was so ashamed when I realized that I had done that. I learn from my mistakes though, so that will not happen again.
Starting tonight, the Pantry Challenge is on!

til tomorrow~

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I harvested about 4 pounds of lavendar yesterday and oh my goodness, my house smells so fabulous! I can already see tons of potpourri, dream pillows and creamy, luscious soap! I am growing herbs in pots on my deck and they seem to be doing well so far. My side border is really beginning to come to life! All the perennials that I planted last year are doing great this year and I am harvesting from some of them. Next year, should be a bumper crop of herbs and flowers!

I am making some new recipes for dream pillows and potpourris that are just delicious.

More to follow!

til tomorrow~

Catching Up

Gee, where has all the time gone? I have been so busy! Randy has been home for his summer vacation, and we have worked non-stop in our house and yard. The transformation is amazing! I can't believe how much we cleaned out, decluttered and organized in just a few short weeks.

He is back at school now, and I worked a temp job last week, so I am now back to blogging. I have been trying to catch up with my reading on all the blogs, and I still have a few to go, but I am starting a new week tomorrow, so I am sure that I will get caught up.

I am making great progress on simplifying my life. I am very pleased! I am still struggling with making ends meet, but I am determined to make it work. I have been getting some really good ideas from the blogs. Thank you so much ladies! I am working on making more soap and dream pillows for my Etsy shop. I harvested a ton of lavendar yesterday and my kitchen smells so wonderful. I am planning a garage sale in 2 weeks, and I have signed up for a consignment sale in the fall. Life has a way of forcing you to make changes doesn't it? I think that all these changes have been very beneficial for me, even if at times, it doesn't feel that way. I am very positive about the future and I am feeling that my life is FINALLY going in the direction that I want and need it to.

til tomorrow~

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Summer is definitely here. It is very hot and humid in Atlanta, and the herbs just love it! I have some large rosemary bushes in the side border and down by the mailbox that are just loving the hot sun. My neighbor, Liz, cuts a few sprigs as she walks her dog sometimes, and that helps the rosemary. My side border is doing very well this year, it has many herbs as well as flowers, roses, peonies and a big butterfly bush. I have herbs growing in pots on the deck, and it is nice just to walk out and snip a few when I am cooking. I made this delicious BBQ sauce last week, and it was nice to walk out on the deck and clip a small bouquet of thyme to add to the sauce. I am planning a raised bed for the side of the house over by my side border for next year, so that I can grow more tomatoes and maybe some cucumbers. The bed will be built in the fall and left to settle til spring. We never seem to get enough rain, and watering is sometimes a chore because the beds are in different locations, but it is all worth it. Fresh herbs are just fabulous!

til' tomorrow.....