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Thursday, April 14, 2011

No more Blogging

I am thinking that I will give up blogging. No one reads the blogs, and I have other things that I could be doing.....


Rebecca said...

i know how you feel
you'll be missed but i know i for one get a lot more things done now that i have stopped being so present on ravelry
good luck with getting more important things done :D

Indigo Blue said...

I read them even if I do not always comment. Sometimes blogger will not let me(?). I have a traffic counter so even though I may not have any comments I can see when people have visited and which posts they have visited in particular. I must admit that I do not get any where near as many direct comments as I did a year ago, but here seems to be less of everything in blog land. No one likes awards, less giveaways for fun, less challenges, fewer swaps etc. Could be a sign of the tough times we ae in at the moment. Youhave many months of work, do not delete it, just blog when you feel like it.

efherrin said...

I still read it. :(