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Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Wrap

Today is Good Friday and I am amazed at how many of my herbs and flowers are blooming! That is not how it is supposed to be! I think that seasons are all out of whack! You are not supposed to plant anything until Good Friday, according the Farmers Almanac and my Grandmother. I have always followed her routine and it has never failed me. So, what is going on? For starters, I don't remember Good Friday ever being this late in the spring, and that makes it later to plant. I am still going to follow the plan I have always followed and hope for the best. My peonies, roses and other spring flowers are doing fine, but some my herbs are blooming and that shouldn't happen until late in the summer. I am keeping them trimmed and trying to get them back on track. My clematis is lovely again this year. Clematis is an amazing flower and is always beautiful.
We all went out yesterday and mowed the lawn, trimmed the shrubs and cleaned the yard. Brian and Anna were such good helpers and we had a great time. .

It is supposed to rain today and I am hoping that it does to water in some of our new plantings. One of my friends on Rav sent me some iris bulbs and another friend sent me a box full of daylilies. I am so excited! I planted the irises, but still have to get the daylilies in the ground. I think they are going to be beautiful in my border.

We are having an Easter egg hunt on Sunday and I am looking forward to the kids being here. Happy Easter everyone!

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