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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Summer is definitely here. It is very hot and humid in Atlanta, and the herbs just love it! I have some large rosemary bushes in the side border and down by the mailbox that are just loving the hot sun. My neighbor, Liz, cuts a few sprigs as she walks her dog sometimes, and that helps the rosemary. My side border is doing very well this year, it has many herbs as well as flowers, roses, peonies and a big butterfly bush. I have herbs growing in pots on the deck, and it is nice just to walk out and snip a few when I am cooking. I made this delicious BBQ sauce last week, and it was nice to walk out on the deck and clip a small bouquet of thyme to add to the sauce. I am planning a raised bed for the side of the house over by my side border for next year, so that I can grow more tomatoes and maybe some cucumbers. The bed will be built in the fall and left to settle til spring. We never seem to get enough rain, and watering is sometimes a chore because the beds are in different locations, but it is all worth it. Fresh herbs are just fabulous!

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