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Monday, February 18, 2013

This was a great weekend, all things considered. We went over to Columbia, for Anna's 4th Birthday, and we had such a good time. We kept missing the snow that they were getting in SC. As a matter of fact, shortly after we left to come home, it started snowing at Richard and Kate's house. I couldn't help but laugh. This is a picture of Anna with her cake. It was beautiful and delicious! Here she is opening presents....she had a great birthday! We kept Lucas this weekend too and we took him over to the party. He was so good and everyone loved him. Here he is with his Uncle Richard: And here with Poppy and Anna: And of course, here is my best bud, who is in a growing spurt right now. He is getting so tall and thin. He will be 8 in May. I finished a pair of great socks over the weekend. I have started another pair of top down, but I am getting ready to start a pair of toe up. I have been trying to learn toe up for a while now, and I am ready to strike out and go for it! Knitting socks is my most favorite knitting, and I am determined to become an expert. Will post pics tomorrow. My long weekend is almost over and it is back to work tomorrow, but I am ok with that. It gives me a break from home! Til next time~~~


Rebecca said...

happy birthday anna
what a handsome group of kids
glad y'all had such a nice time :)

Lynn said...

Thank you Rebecca, we did!