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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I have been complaining all the time about the fact that I never have time to work on my quilts. I am making a place in my kitchen to work, but don't have it finished yet. I am always thinking that I could do alot of piecing by hand if I could get organized. Well, the other night I was reading the digest from the Mystery Quilt group that I am in, and one of my fellow Georgian's Judy, said that she had done a 1000 Triangle quilt on her lunch hour. That made me start thinking, and I realized that I didn't need a new quilt to hand piece, I already had one! Grandmother's Flower Garden! Wake up Blondie! So, I started putting it all together and now I am carrying work around in my purse so that I can sew whenever I want! Thank you Judy, you are an inspiration!

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Kucki68 said...

That does sound good, I love Grandmother's Flower Garden. However my commuting work will stay knitting socks. I get motion sick, if I have to look too closely and socks I can do with an occasional glance.