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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


OK, as you know, I have made a soap for men. I don't have a name for it, so I am holding a name contest for the new soap. The scent is a combination of eucalyptus, mint, and a secret ingredient that I will call "Ocean" for the purpose of this contest. I will post a pic of the bar later on so that you will have something to look at. The person who sends me the winning name by commenting on this post, will win a sampler pack of Hettie's Garden Soap, and a bar of the new soap for men to give away. Enter as many times as you like by commenting on this post. Be sure that you leave your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner....Come on, give me some good stuff!


Leah S said...

"A Gentleman's Pleasure"

Indigo Blue said...

What about Ocean Spray? My husband works on boats you see.

Could you please send me your details for the Christmas swap so that I can exchanger partners. Many thanks.

gin said...

"Voyage" - ocean voyage - sounds like a winner to me!

gin said...
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