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Friday, August 15, 2008

Soap, Soap, Soap

I have been reading and searching for every soap recipe that I can find, and I have a bunch. I made lavender soap last night and it is just heavenly. I am still working on the packaging, but I think I have a good way to do it. Things are looking up for GardenLynn Herbals!

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Chanda said...

Hi Lynn, Nice to meet you. I will list your blog on mine and I promise to return for a formal visit when I rewturn to my home and have a high speed connection. I want to learn to make bar soap, but I am having a hard time buying lye these days. I am also interested in making home mase laundry soap. I finally found the ingredient, "Fells Naptha" soap at a Schnucks grocery store in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Do you have any recipes for laundry detergent to share? I know of a sight called Lea of Farm House Blessings. She has a list of "frugal" sites listed on her blog and many contain info on making cleaners for home and laundry. I be back on another day,