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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Such a simple little word, don't you think? Trust me, there is nothing simple about socks. My family can't understand my frustration. They are always saying, "Why are you knitting socks, when you can buy them?" They just don't get it. But, as one of my blogging buddies said one day, "Once they wear hand knitted socks, they will refuse to wear anything else." I believe that to be true. I have been obsessed with socks the past few months and what do I have to show for it? One, ONE mind you, completed sock. For some reason, I have been unable to knit a pair, whether it be one at a time, 2 at a time on 2 circulars, or 2 at a time on a 40". I have had several good starts, but then I either can't figure out where I am when I pick up again, or I drop stitches, or I create a stitch that has never been seen in the knitting world before and so I end up ripping it all out. Do you think I am under a curse? Do you think that the knitting gods might be trying to tell me something? Or, am I being careless and not paying attention? I think I am a decent knitter, no ME or Alicia, but fairly decent. I usually learn things really quickly, but socks have eluded me to this point. Maybe I need to try a new yarn? I have been using the same yarn since I started. Who knows?


Indigo Blue said...

If you have a sock curse then I definately have a crochet curse! I thought your socks were doing really well. Sock Godess and all that. What happened?
From the blog name I take it from your blog name that you are called Lynn?
Best wishes

Lynn said...

Yes Andrea, my name is Lynn. I think that I have been cursing myself. I am not giving up though.