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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For the Love of Herbs

After a very long break, I have gone back to what I know and love more than anything, and that is HERBS! They are like a good, close friend. They are quiet and soothing, always there to love and admire. I am hoping that all my herbal friends, gardening friends, knitting friends and fellow quilters will join me in the celebration of herbs. It has been a lifelong love affair for me, going back to my childhood when I spent many lazy summer days with my Grandmother in her gardens. She grew the most beautiful flowers and herbs. She taught me that herbs and flowers were good for the soul and the body, as well as being medicinal, good for cooking and just plain pretty! My Grandmother knew all the herbal remedies for anything that ailed you, the best herbs to season those fresh veggies and how to make your hair shine. I value all the time that I spent with her and all the things that she taught me. I am hoping to have a granddaughter in the very near future, and then I will be the teacher...........

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Indigo Blue said...

I love Lavender. Got a lovely big plant in the garden. Lavender oil is also excellent for burns for example if you catch yourdelf on the grill etc, just rub a little in and it stops hurting , reduces the blistering and can help prevent a scar.