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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Wrap

This week was totally consumed by finishing Anna's doll. And here she is:

Now that she is finished, I am planning to get back on my other projects and see if I can get some things completed. I have been seriously thinking about starting a needlepoint project that I have had for a while. I haven't done needlepoint in a long time, cross stitch either, but my arthritic hands need a break from knitting I think, so I may do the needlepoint. I have this great beach scene that would be so cute in my downstairs powder room since I have a beach theme there, and I would love to do some needlework. It is my first love, of all the crafts that I do. Hand sewing though, is really what I love. I love piecing quilts by hand and any kind of hand sewing.

I also need to make several birthday cards, and I still have Valentine stuff all over my studio from the swap that we had at work. I need to clean and organize the studio again before I start another project. In addition, we are starting a Craft Club at work and I am really thrilled about that. I am also planning to start working in my gardens next week. I have a ton of cleaning to do before spring gets here and I am concerned that the forsythia is blooming. It is still February and with all this crazy weather we have been having, who knows, we might get another blizzard. I hope that all the blooming and daffodils coming up means that we are on the way to spring. But, first, I have to catch up on my real chores....Have a wonderful weekend!

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agd509 said...

The doll turned out really cute! I know exactly what you mean about hand sewing - I grew up doing cross stitch and so making small stitches by hand comes naturally to me. :)