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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am almost finished knitting the pieces for Anna's doll. I am determined to finish it before this weekend so I can give it to her at her birthday party. I have so enjoyed making this doll. I have always been fascinated by Amigurumi and dolls. I made dolls many years ago, and they turned out pretty good. I didn't knit or crochet them though, I sewed them. I kept the first one that I made and it is cute as a button. This is my first try at knitting a doll and I really think that she is going to turn out nice. My next project is a monkey that I saw in a book that I have on Amigurumi. He is so cool and I think Brian might like him. I am just hoping that Brian has not outgrown that kind of stuff. I hope not, but there is always Mason. I bet he would love a cool monkey!

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