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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am going to revolt!

I have decided to revolt(is that what you call it?). I am not going to put my machine and tools away simply because someone wants to eat. That is what we have a restaurant on every corner for! After all, this is Atlanta, one of the largest cities in America, and I think that eating should not be a hard thing to do. Don't all of you agree with me when I say that quilting is more important than eating??? What were they thinking??? So, who has my back???

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Khris said...

Yep I will have your back on this one. I can understand how you feel as years ago I didnt have a sewing room and had to pack up the machine at dinner times. I dont have to do that now but it is such a pain and hinderance. And sewing is much more important than adding extra cellulite to this butt...lol
Hugs, Khris