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Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Quilting Weekend

I am so looking forward to the weekend! My little angel grandbaby will be here, but he is my best quilting buddy! He helps me, gives me his opinion on how things look, and also keeps me laughing. I am not sure what is better medicine for me, Beany or my quilting. I am going to finish the art quilt and the Dresden plate this weekend, and continue working on the GRG, which is now considered my masterpiece. Isn't quilting the best? Next to grandchildren I mean.


Alycia said...

oh he is defineatly a keeper - what a cutie. I bet he loves spending time with you too!

Lynn said...

he does! He is my best buddy, and we love spending time together. I am his Mom-Mow and he is my Beany!

Thanks for the comment! I love it when I get visitors to my blog!