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Friday, April 24, 2009

Disney World

Randy and I took Beany to Disney World in Orlando the week of April 6.  It was an absolute blast from the time we left the driveway until we returned to the driveway a week later.  We had a great hotel on property and Beany slept in his own bed every night.  We saw everything and did everything that we could and just had such a great time!  We played, watched street parties, drove race cars, got hugs from royalty such as Tigger and Pooh, saw animals, fish, plants, movies, and on and on. I could probably write a book about our trip.  I am so glad that we made that trip, I will never forget the good time we had there, and all the smiles and giggles that came from the beautiful 3 year old curly top angel.  I am still in Alabama, but will post pics when I get back home.

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