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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Ramblings

It is a beautiful Saturday and Randy and I are planning some yard work this afternoon when he gets back from a project at school. I am going to visit a quilt shop this morning that I have found in Buford and then probably to the Yarn Garden for a little therapy. I put quilting aside a couple of years ago when I learned to knit and I am really feeling the need to get back to it. Especially hand piecing, my first quilting love. I am excited about visiting this shop today and taking in all the wonderfulness of fabric. I am working on several knitting projects, so if I start back quilting, I am going to have do some serious schedule changing, but hey, I am a multi-tasker!!! So, I will update this post later with what I found!pdat

1:55 PM - Update - I went to the shop and it was beautiful! Oh, I wanted to make every quilt in the place.....I have definitely got the quilting bug again! Yummy fabrics, lots of new patterns....nice people. I enjoyed the visit!

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