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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good Morning!

My kids have started this great blog called Catchpost. Take a look at it. They are blogging about anything and everything!

I have been trying to find some variety in our meals lately and I started thinking about things I used to make when my kids were home and I cooked alot. We had family dinners on Sundays for years and they were always at my house. My whole family came over and we had the best day! I have several of my own original dishes that I made and I thought I would share them with you from time to time.

I will post the recipe and a picture of the dish.

Last weekend the babies were here and we took them to the park. We had fun until Brian was stung by something. We think it was a yellow jacket. He cried for a long time and the next morning his hand was really swollen and purple. I cried too.

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efherrin said...

Hey lynn! at the grocery store they have "recipe inspirations" by mccormick and it comes with all the herbs pre measured its so easy and they turn out really good. I made one a couple days ago. it was chicken. You guys should try that. didnt take long to make either