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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Starting Over

Today is December 5, 2010 and I have been quite reflective the past few days on the things that are really important to me. I want to change a few things in my life and really live the years that I have left to the best of my ability. So, I am starting over in 2011, and my goal is to improve the quality of my life. What does that mean? At this point, I am not sure, but I am certainly going to find out. One thing I that I am going to strive to accomplish is blogging. I love reading blogs and visiting new ones, but recently, I have gotten away from it because other things have seemed more important. So, here I go on a new adventure!!

One of my goals is to finish projects that I have started. Here are a few that I have finished in the past couple of weeks:

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