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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Zendala Dare and The Diva's Weekly Challenge

I am a little behind with my entries, but it has been a crazy couple of weeks and I am running around like I am in a whirlwind! My Dare is almost done and I hope to have it posted tonight. Haven't started the challenge, but hope to do that tonight. I have so many projects going on, and now I have stumbled onto tea bag folding. It is taking all I have not to give that a whirl, but I am trying to wait until I have a little more time. In addition, a girl at my work is pregnant with her second child, another girl and she has asked me to crochet a pair of booties that she saw and loves. I just bought the pattern on Ravelry and need to search my stash for yarn. Not sure that I have any that will work, so I may have to make a run to the knit shop tomorrow. My Mom tells me all the time that I try to do too much and she is probably right, but hey, life is short and mine is getting measurably shorter, so I have to pack in all that I can. My small group at church meets on Tuesday night and last night we discussed a service project that we are doing in 2 weeks. I have to do some preparation for that in the next few days, so I have a pretty full plate. Is everyone else just like me???? Probably!

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