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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Too Much Stuff Going On!

It has been a crazy few days. I did not get the dare or the challenge done this week and I still haven't done the challenge from last week. I think I am going to start fresh next week and try to keep up. My life, and Randy's, has taken such a different turn since my Mom came to live with us. It is taking a lot more adjustment than I thought it would. She is really good physically, but not mentally, and she requires more attention than I ever dreamed that she would. Working full time and taking her to daycare every day takes planning and discipline. Meal planning, chores, laundry, errands, and I can go on, have all changed drastically. Coming home and eating popcorn for dinner and doing nothing, just doesn't fly anymore. In addition, she seems to cling to us when we are home and needs alot of attention. There are so many things that she either can't do, or I am afraid for her to do, so I do them for her. It is not a bad situation, just different. I have not learned how to get everything done yet, and how to adjust myself to her schedule, but I am working on it. Til next time~~~

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Rebecca said...

hugs prayers of peace and helping you get it all worked out for you.