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Monday, September 10, 2012

Organizing My Tangles

We all know that I am OCD, and I have been driving myself crazy trying to find a way to organize my tangles. I have tried notebooks, putting them on my Nook, drawing them in a sketchbook, and on and on. I think I might have hit upon an idea that will work for me. I also have a "Carry everything with you" mentality, so I always want to have the things that I think I might need with me at all times. Can you imagine what kind of purse that takes?? (Speaking of purses, I have been trying for years to find the perfect one, and have failed miserably). So, I could never find a good solution to having my tangles, sketchbook, pens, pencil, etc., at my reach at any given time. But, I had this idea to make the tangles small enough to carry, but large enough that I could actually draw them. I saw a blog post on Tanglebucket, Sandy Hunter's blog that really caught my interest. Click the link to take a look at her post. Sandy does hers on 2.5 in cards that she punches out with a paper punch and then stores them in a notebook. She uses coin collecting plastic sleeves. I think that her whole system is simply genius. I wanted to do something similar, but still be able to carry it around with me in my bag. So here is my system. I use index cards also, but I cut them in half and each one of them holds one tangle with the name of tangle and the author. I have started with only the tangles that I have learned to do. My plan is to add a tangle as I learn to draw them. The cards are the perfect size for me. I keep them in alphabetical order by Tangle name. I have this small bag that I bought for my knitting supplies. It is small enough to fit in my bag, but has tons of space and pockets and velcro to keep it all together. It is the greatest little bag and I have all my small knitting tools, stitch markers, post it notes, etc., in it. I bought another one, but never needed it in my knitting. So, this is where I am keeping my tangles. They fit perfectly in one of the mesh zipper pockets. This bag also holds my pens and pencils. My sketchbook fits in my purse alone. I love this system! I keep extra cards in one pocket so that if I get a chance to draw a new tangle for my collection, it is already in my bag. My tangles are with me and I can draw wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

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