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Monday, May 27, 2013

Party Time!

What a great day we had yesterday! The weather was perfectly awesome! We grilled burgers and dogs and played with babies all day. Cory and Ivey brought little Ansley and Colin and Lucas were here and it was a fun time! I couldn't help but laugh at Cory, Parker and Jason. They were having a conversation about baby formula. When they all lived at home, I would never have imagined this scene, since all they ever talked about was sports and video games! Now, they all 3 have a child and they are very different than they were before they became Daddy's. Randy was like a whirlwind all day going from cooking and helping me to prepare lunch to running around chasing one of the boys, to giving Ansley her bottle. ] Our newest addition, Ansley, was so sweet and slept most of the day. We all carried her around and I can't believe that she slept as well as she did with all the noise and activity, but she did great! Mom had a great day too. She was feeling fairly well, and really enjoyed the babies. She even held Ansley for a while and did very well. I am happy that she had a good day. I want to say a heartfelt Thank You! to all the troops who protect and defend our country so that we can have family days like this and many others. You are always in our hearts and in our prayers. Happy Memorial Day!

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Rebecca said...

what a perfect way to celebrate the men and women who have fought for our freedom