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Sunday, June 8, 2014


It is amazing how much time you find when you aren't sitting in front of a computer staring at ecard sayings and recipes for a dish that you can't even pronounce. I wish that you could pick what you see on Facebook, but since you can't do that, the best thing is not to waste the time to look. I Love my family and my friends and I am very interested in their lives and what they are doing, but in order to see that, I have to go through all the other stupid stuff, so I just don't want to waste that time. I have been cleaning the garage with Randy and working on my Secret Embroidery Project. I am shocked at some of the things that I have found in the garage. Things I have been looking for upstairs, things that I forgot I even had and it is fun finding all these great surprises! Cleaning the garage is hard work, but I know that when it is finished, I will be better for it. Well my cinnamon rolls were a big success! Not only did they look and smell beautiful, they were delicious! I have decided that I might be forced to make more today. They are Randy's most favorite dessert and I like 'em pretty good myself.
Got lotsa stuff to do today~ Til tomorrow~~~~

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