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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some Celebrities

I learned today that Bruce Willis sent 36,000 cases of girl scout cookies to our troops in Iraq. I think that was a noble and wonderful thing to do. I have always liked Bruce and have heard that he is a down to earth guy. I get so tired of hearing about celebrities. I was in line at the Publix the other day and I overheard this lady telling her friend that she never kept up with celebrities because she did not have anything in common with them. That is exactly how I feel too. Recently, as I watched the Today show, I heard Meredith talking about an upcoming interview with Angelina Jolie. It seems that lately, everywhere you look are articles about Angelina Jolie and the children that she adopts. They are always from foreign countries, and while I have no problem with that, recently in Atlanta, 3 children were beaten to death or starved. So, why doesn't she try and make a home for children here in the United States?

And, on the same note, the day that she was interviewed on the Today show, no mention was made of the 3 soldiers that had been kidnapped in Iraq. The day before her interview, the body of one of them had been found floating in the Euphrates river, and nobody bothered to honor that soldier or his family. This makes me sad and angry all at the same time. I have boys, my youngest, being 29, and the thought of something like that happening to him makes me want to throw up. Sometimes, I think that we live in a very sad world. Personally, I think that this is all Bible prophecy. Though I am not a holy-roller, I am a Christian, and I believe that the end of time is near. I pray every day for the troops, and hope that we will be able to bring them home very soon.

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