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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wandering Woolomena

Woolomena finally made it to my house! She looked very rested and refreshed when she arrived. She brought tea and sock yarn along with some great cookie recipes from Jinann.
I took her to work on Tuesday because I wanted to introduce her to my friends, especially the Crochet Club. We had a great day and she enjoyed chatting with everyone. I think she most enjoyed playing the the pigs.
Here she is with my team:
And the Crochet Club:
Today, sadly, I must send her on to her next destination. We have had such a blast since she has been here, I just wish that she could have met Brian and Anna. They would have been fast and famous friends. Bon Voyage Woolie!

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Karen Mallory said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for commenting on my blog!
Looks like you had fun with Woolimena.
hugs Karen