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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Football and Babies

What a game! The Falcons and the Seahawks! I felt a lump in my stomach for quite some time. The play-offs are stressful for us, so I can just imagine how the players feel. We had Lucas this weekend and what a wonderful time we had! He is so sweet and such a good baby! We played and played. I love my grandchildren so much. I hope to have Anna and Brian weekend after next, if I can get it worked out. Since they live so far away, it isn't as easy as it used to be. Crossing my fingers. Well, I have tried and tried to draw Phicops and I just can't get it! I can't make it work. I am not giving up though, I will keep trying until I figure it out. Hoping to start working on the Dare after dinner tonight. I am not really feeling well today and I am not sure why.
This is the top down sock I started earlier in the week. It is going very well and I am enjoying the dpn's. Haven't done socks on dpn's in quite a while. Til next time....

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