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Friday, January 30, 2009

Simple Life

Remember a few months back when I was saying that I was planning to downsize and simply my life? It is alot more difficult than you might imagine. I am on a business trip right now in Gulf Shores, AL and the days are long and crazy. I have gotten a pretty good start, but have had to put it on hold because of work.

I hope to accomplish alot when I get back home this time. It is really pretty here, about 5 miles from the beach. Most days it is warm and windy, but we have had some cold temps here since I have been here. One of girls told me that if it got below 40 degrees, they don't know what to do because it is freezing to them!

I made Kate a pair of "hospital socks" to wear when she has Anna, so I decided that Brian Sr and Brian Jr need some "hospital socks" too. I knitted them both out of the same yarn, charcoal gray, and used the same pattern, just reduced it for Little B. I am calling his "Big Brother Socks". Now they will all have socks to wear to the hospital when Anna is born.

Love ya'll~


Nan said...

I need to simplify my life too, but it's just so hard, too much to sort through and I get started but then side tracked and then it's hard to recapture the motivation. Spring is coming with some warmer weather I will be up to the task again I hope!

Khris said...

Hi Lynn..I have nominated you for an award...please pop over to my blog to see what for..hugs Khris