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Friday, May 15, 2009


I have been trying to find the most economical way to shop and cook for Randy and me.  Since we have had no structure at all for the past who knows how many years, it is difficult.  I have looked at several options and still can't decide which is the best.  I want it to be as easy as possible, but still save money.  I really like method of cooking 30 days worth of dinners in one day and freezing them, but Randy doesn't like that idea very much.  I really like purchasing the food each day because I like fresh food, but that is time consuming and you also pay more if what you want that day is not on sale.  I have a huge freezer, but it seems that we have let alot of food go out of date and that is totally unacceptable for me.  I do think that we did that because of our hectic schedules and that we would not do it since I am not working now.  It is a major decision to figure out what is best.  I am thinking that I should try each method for a week, and see which one saves me the most money and takes the least amount of time.

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