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Monday, May 11, 2009


I am working on the kitchen still today.  I am also working on a plan to get my soap business back up and running.  I had put it on hold because I was never at home, and couldn't really work at it.  So, I decided that I will start back working on it, get my Etsy shop back up and start marketing to places here in Atlanta.  I am also working on a brochure.  I found this great blog, Click Here that has a ton of information about simplifying.  Her name is Angela Barton, and she has inspired me to find a way to make enough money to live on less, and spend more time with my husband and family.  I have been brainstorming with myself (don't laugh) about ways to actually re-use and recycle.  I have some great ideas about doing some really substantial things toward my goal.  So, I am off to simplify!

love ya'll~

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Angela Barton said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog, Lynn. It makes me so happy that people are enjoying it and even learning from it.

I am so excited about your soap and also your herbs. I am going to keep up with your business. Etsy is great.

Good luck with your projects!

Angela Barton